Current Date:

Friday, 25 May 2018

S. Kordofan Governor: Realization of Peace Priority for State Government

Khartoum- (SMC) Governor of South Kordofan State Lt. Gen. Ahmed Ibrahim Ali Mufadhal has affirmed that realization of peace in its broad concept is considered a priority for the government of the state.
Lt. Gen. Mufadhal said in a statement to SMC that realization of peace and increase of production and productivity in South Kordofan are considered as priorities, indicating that the state has big agricultural potentials besides other resources.
He affirmed work with the citizens of the state to unleash the energies for the development of the state.
The Governor indicated that the government of the state would endeavor for developing the state in all fields, pointing out that they would work in the coming period for realization of peace and development and increase of production and productivity.