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Friday, 25 May 2018

The Victory of Maduro will Boost South-South Cooperation

President Nicolas Maduro won the Venezuelan presidential elections Sunday, gaining a second presidential term for six years with more than 5.8 million votes, the country's

National Electoral Council (CNE) reported.  
Maduro's win comes at a time when the United States and its right-wing regional allies as well as several European governments have made several attempts to intervene in Venezuela's presidential elections through sanctions and boycott calls against the Venezuelan election.
The ambassador of Venezuela to Sudan, H.E. Anibal Marques has visited the paper Monday to express congratulations to the Sudanese people and government on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan and to shed light on the presidential elections in his country.
Mr. Marques said that the opposition in Venezuela supported by some countries put obstacles to hinder the voting, adding that some governments on top of which is the USA have declared that they would not recognize the results; but despite that the people of Venezuela had their word and the elections have been held and their results have an irreversible character with two-thirds of the votes went to Nicolas Maduro.
He described the results as a historic triumph against Trump and his intervention policy in the internal affairs of other countries.
Mr. Marques said that the Venezuelan people went to the polls to reaffirm the independence of their stances.
He added that several countries in Latin America have recognized the Venezuelan elections and congratulated President Maduro, such as Cuba, Bolivia and El Salvador; right-wing governments in the region have dismissed the vote and the results such as the US, Canada and some western countries even before the elections had even taken place.
He affirmed that all the attempts of interference into Venezuela's internal affairs have repeatedly been rejected over the past few months by the government and the people of Venezuela.
He concluded that Maduro being in the cockpitand the driver of Venezuelan nation proves that they managed to win the war against sanctions through conducting this elections, adding that this election is the 24th in 19 years a matter that Venezuela is pioneering the  democratic exercises.
According to Marquez, after three years (which is the midterm), the people can go for referendum as stipulated in the constitution to determine the continuation of the presidential term or else.
He concluded that the vicotry of Maduro will boost the South-South Cooperation.