Current Date:

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Foreign Ministry Confirms Sudan’s Keenness to Secure Its Borders with Neighboring Countries

Khartoum - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, affirmed Sudan's efforts, and through the principles of good neighborliness and the rules of international law, to secure its internationally recognized borders and their efforts to clear all border disputes with neighboring countries and to ensure the stability of the situation.
In his statement before the National Assembly on the performance of the ministry for the first half of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018, which was referred to the competent committee, the minister said that basic foundations have been laid and design of common models proved effective and being applied to various border sectors to ensuring the national security and the security and stability of others, reviewing the performance profiles based on the constitutional, political and legislative references in accordance with the third strategy and the outcomes of the national dialogue and the program of the national accord government in order to enhance the country's foreign relations with all countries, tackling diplomatic and political efforts in the Arab and African regions to expand and deepen the common interests to ensure the sustainability of cooperation, good-neighborliness and confidence-building, discussing the complexities of the conflict in the region and its possible repercussions, reviewing the relations between Sudan and the United States, Asian and European countries alongside the State of South Sudan and enhance security between the two countries to achieve full sovereignty of the Sudanese territory, referring to the Sudanese movement on GERD and the policies adopted to confirm the rights acquired in the waters of the Nile, indicating to Sudan's relations with Egypt and the meetings of the heads of the two countries and their directives on forming mechanism to  correct the course of relations between the two countries.
The minister stressed the interest of his ministry to the affairs of the Sudanese working abroad and work to unify the media discourse, pointing out that the ministry is exerting efforts in the fight against terrorism and illegal migration, pointing out that the recent period has witnessed the adoption of many Sudanese cadres and expertise in high level positions in many regional and international organizations.
For their part, a number of MPs called on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make more efforts to lift the name of Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, indicating that this will contribute to the start of Sudan towards development, demanding the exploitation of all relations to exempt Sudan's external debt.