Current Date:

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Presidency Directs Accomplishment of Darfur Voluntary Return Dossier

Khartoum – Vice President Hassabo Mohammed Abdul Rahman directed dealing with the impacts of war in Darfur states along with accomplishment of the voluntary return

Meanwhile, South Darfur government announced its commitment to continue the work in providing the services for the returnees.
Vice President stressed, during his receiving in his office yesterday  South Darfur Governor, Adam Al-Faki, on the necessity of paying more concern to the voluntary return issues considering it as the top project in recovery from war in Darfur States.
Hassbao was acquainted in the security situation in South Darfur State.
For his part, Governor of Soth Darfur State said that the firearms collections campaign continued to the considerable security stability resulting to the return of more than 65 thousand families to their home villages in the State, pointing out the his government is doing its best to provide the essentials services to those villages.
He pointed to the start of the second stage in planning more than 20 residences to accommodate the IDPs who have no desire to return to their villages.