Current Date:

Saturday, 26 May 2018

NHIF: Population Coverage by Health Insurance in the States Should Exceed 80%

Khartoum- The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) has affirmed that it works to increase the coverage rate by the end of this year from 55.8% to 66% and that of the poor families to 90%.
Acting NHIF Director General Dr. Bassit Yusuf Ibrahim, addressing the inaugural session of the 7th forum of population coverage in the states here yesterday, said that the fund is keen to increase health insurance coverage rate to 66% and to not less than 90% of poor families.
He affirmed that NHIF is making good progress in the implementation of its 2017-2020 strategy, stressing importance that the coverage rate in the states of the country should exceeds 80%.
Dr. Ibrahim affirmed they planned to move from the stage of comprehensive coverage by health insurance to that of sustainable one by the year 2020, urging branch directors in the states to work for attaining health services coverage of high quality at affordable cost.
Director of population coverage at NHIF Dr. Bashir Al Mahi, on his part, affirmed that they target increasing coverage rate to more than 60% by end of 2018 in 10 states, saying that the real challenge is that all states of the country should have coverage rate of not less than 80% by 2020, referring to making interventions in the targeted states, specially concerning coverage at the private and free sectors.