Current Date:

Friday, 25 May 2018

Yassir Yousuf Pledges to Serve Citizens of Northern State through Development

Khartoum- The new Governor of Northern State, Yassir Yousuf, has pledged to work for serving the citizens of the state through development, provision of basic services and improving the living conditions.
Governor Yousuf, speaking at celebration held by the citizens of the Northern State upon his arrival to assume his post, pledged to work for realizing the state of rule of law and justice.
He affirmed that he would stand at equal distance from all components and parties of the state for the development of the state through solidarity and collective work.
Yusuf pointed out that the higher leadership has affirmed commitment to support the projects of the Northern State, expressing thanks to the former governor of the state Ali Al-Awad, for the wise method he had adopted in governing the state.