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Wednesday, 09 May 2018

Yassir: Celebrating the Press Freedom day Underlines Safeguarding of Press Freedom

Khartoum (SUNA) - The State Minister for Information, Yassir Yousuf, on Thursday underlined that celebrating

the press freedom day in the country stands as proof that freedom of expression is preserved and protected in the country
He said the government of Sudan is well aware about the importance of freedom and secure climate for the national press to flourish but stressed that the press should be free and responsible.
He said the government is also convinced that free and responsible press helps the government discover areas of malfunctioning in the state. He said the press will help in creating the climate for a dialogue between the communities and the community and the executive bodies.
He said the responsible press may err but never betrays the homeland
He said the government is currently working to draft a legislative initiative that set the framework for a comprehensive and global law on the press and information in the country.
He said the First Vice President has instructed his ministry that any law has to be fully backed and approved by the press and journalists before it goes to the cabinet or the legislature.