Current Date:

Friday, 11 May 2018

AJOC: South War Made Dinka Ngok Support Option of Abyei as Sudanese Territory

Khartoum - The head of Sudan’s side of Abyei Joint Oversight Committee (AJOC) Engineer Hassan Ali Nimir has disclosed that the war in South Sudan has changed a lot of the convictions of the leading figures of Dinka Ngok who are present in Abyei region.
He said in the press conference, which was held at Sudanese Media Center, on Abyei issue that a number of Dinka Ngok citizens started to return to the north for issuing the national number for them, thus they became part of the Sudanese citizens
Nimir outlined that the Dinka started to believe that Sudan is the homeland they will live in and they will chose Abyei as their homeland in the state of Sudan.
A delegation of the High Council for Coordinating Abyei Affairs has earlier arrived at Wad Medani city for discussing obtaining national number for Dinka Ngok citizens totaling 6000 thousand citizens
The Sudanese President has affirmed earlier in last February that Abyei is a Sudanese territory and directed the Sudanese authorities to fully perform their administrative duties and facilitate the operation of obtaining the credentials by Abyei citizens of the disputed region
He said the Addis Ababa agreement which was signed on the second of June 2011 has stipulated that Abyei region is to be affiliated to the Presidency of the Republic to be a bridge of peace and to facilitate the flow of food to it.