Current Date:

Friday, 11 May 2018

Darfuri Forces Belittle the Alliance between Abdulwahid and El-Tahir Movements

Khartoum – (SMC) Darfuri armed groups and parties belittled the announced alliance between Abdulwahid Nour and El-Tahir Hajar Movements, describing it as an attempt to cover the failure of those movements.
Assistant of Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) leader, Mohamed Harin stated to (SMC) that it would be better for the armed groups to ally for the purpose of joining the dialogue and not to launch hostile action, affirming that the international community is no longer providing support to Darfur armed groups.
For his part, JEM Political Secretary, Mohammed Abdallah Harbu affirmed that Abdulwahid movement witnesses several breakaways, adding that El-Tahir Hajar did not manage to achieve anything in the battlefield, so both are failures.