Current Date:

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Ministry of Transport on Rehabilitation Project of Suakin Port

Khartoum- Minister of Transport, Roads and Bridges Makkawi Mohamed Awad has explained to the Parliament the agreement concluded with the State of Qatar on

rehabilitation of Suakin Port “Osman Digna on the Red Sea, pointing out that the partnership with Qatar starts by granting it 49% of the revenues of operation of the port against 51% for the Sudan provided that the rate of Sudan would continuously increase to reach 100%.
The Minister explained that the rehabilitation work in Osman Digna Port would be in three phases, the first of which would start in next October and continue till 2020 at the cost of 1.03 billion dollars, the second phase starts in 2020 and last till 2025 and the third phase begin in 2025 at the cost of two billion dollars and continue till the end of the project.
He affirmed that the Ministry of Transport would present all the projects in bids and legal measures agreed by the two countries.