Current Date:

Monday, 01 January 2018

S. Kordofan Leading Figures Calls on SPLM-N to Be Serious in Peace Talks

Khartoum – (smc) Leading figures in South Kordofan State called on the SPLM-N to show seriousness in the upcoming round of peace talks to expedite achieving stability.
Dr. Bashir Fillin, who is a member of the State’s leaders abroad, told (SMC) that Agar.Jallan/Arman group doesn’t represent the SPLM-N leadership, pointing out that they became names without bases and have not any effect.
Fillin called on the SPLM-N to present clear and objectives goals in the upcoming round of talks with concentration on the two areas’ issues to be serious to achieve progress, adding that any unjustifiable demands will hinder the process.
It is worth noting that the government delegation for the two areas’ peace talks round announced readiness to resume the talks with the SPLM-N next January.