Current Date:

Sunday, 06 May 2018

Al Bashir: Dialogue Is the Approach in Nation Building, Strong Military Institutions to Protect the Peace

Khartoum (Zuleikha Abdul Raziq – Al-Sammani Awadallah) – President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has congratulated

the nation on the 62nd Independence anniversary, describing the Sudanese people as the makers of the history, affirming that the independence is a pride for Sudan’s freedom and independence.
He said that the ceremony is a moment to recall the historical eras, affirming that the consensus of the political forces is the best method to reach the ends.
Al Bashir said that consensus is one of the norms of Sudanese people which affirm that our country is heading towards the peace.
He affirmed that the peace is the biggest achievement which the government is endevouring to strengthen through the dialogue.
Al Bashir said that the dialogue will be the government’s approach in building the nation and strong military institutions to protect the peace.
On the comprehensive national programme, Al Bashir said that the government is working to upgrade the military capacities to protect the homeland.
He hailed the efforts of SAF, RSF and police forces in protecting the land, besides participating in restoring the legitimacy in Yemen.
He renewed the call for the armed groups to join the national dialogue document to achieve peace, pointing out to the participation of all political forces in the national dialogue which was crowned by the national dialogue outcomes.
On Sudan’s foreign relations, Al Bashir said that the government remained committed to boost peace, fighting terrorism, money laundering and human trafficking despite the unjust treatment by the international community which cost the country unilateral sanctions, but Sudan managed to overcome the embargo after serious dialogue with the US Administration and the testimonies of the international community that Sudan doesn’t support terrorism, lauding the stances of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman and African countries with Sudan.
He disclosed that the diplomacy is in continuous improvement in all aspects, pointing out that Sudan received 41 presidential visits, 52 foreign delegations, 18 Presidents which resulted to the signature of several agreements, affirming that this is considered as a reflection to the foreign relations principles.
He commended the Palestinian people despite the Israeli besiege.