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Monday, 07 May 2018

Kids against Sanctions in Rashid Diab Arts Center

Khartoum (Muawad – Neimat – Najat) – As part of  its weekly cultural forums Rashid Diab Arts Center

organized  in Collaboration with the Citizen’s Forum organized a media forum titled (Kids against Sanctions on Sunday 29/April 2018.The event was attended by distinctive figures , top officials , elites , artists , musicians, Christian leaders  to portrait a unique image of religious coexistence in Sudan .
The forum was sponsored by Kenana Sugar Company and was attended by Presidential Aide, Maj. Gen. Abdul Rahman Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, pastors and priests including William Deng Minan from the Sudanese Council of Churches, Bishop Philo South Faraj and other Muslim and Christian religions figures.
The forum was preceded by a painting gallery of kids aged between 6 – 8 years where they reflected their innocent impression on the USA unilateral sanctions imposed on Sudan for more than two decades ended last October 2017.
The forum was addressed by Bishop William Deng Minan who affirmed in his address there is no such religious coexistence in the entire world like the one in Sudan citing several examples in this regard.
Suleiman Al-Amin, the Head of the Citizen’s Forum said that the American unjust sanctions have affected all the innocent Sudanese people and not the government, affirming that people should not stay hands folded; instead they should struggle to have Sudan lifted from the terrorism list.
Bishop Philo South Faraj addressed the forum slamming the International Criminal Court ICC and affirming that it aimed only at criminalizing the African leaders. He expressed his great pleasure to attend this event pointing out that he is ready to sacrifice himself and go to the ICC on behalf of the President of the Republic Omer Al Bashir.
He added that if the ICC issue ends, sanctions will automatically end, besides the terrorism, extremism, the cancellation of Sudan external debts, and removing Sudan from terrorism list.  
Dr. Rashid Diab said that the Center will remain a beacon of enlightenment and knowledge to serve th3e Sudanese civil society.
Presidential Aide, Maj. Gen. Abdul Rahman Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi conveyed in his address the appreciation of the Presidency to the initiatives of Rashid Diab Arts Centre for the last 12 years in addressing the civil society issues.
The forum included a stage show, a short film including a song against US sanctions besides the participation of Sudanese Jazz Icon Sharhabeel Ahmed.
President Aide and the Bishops handed the wards to the kid who participated in the gallery.