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Monday, 23 April 2018

Coffee in the Eastern Sudan: Special Flavor and Taste

Coffee this black hot drink is an international drink worldwide, but it as has many names

, flavor and taste according to the local traditions, customs related mainly with the local culture of people. Coffee culture is a central part of both social and political life of the Eastern tribes in Sudan particularly the Beja one of the biggest tribes in the Eastern Sudan, like any other areas in the Middle East and North Africa.
Despite of its cultivation and widely spread in many neighboring countries, in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda southern Sudan , but Coffee has specific flavor and taste in Sudan and the eastern Sudan in particular. It is international hot drink with different names, the Turkish, French, and even the black coffee, pure black just of the flavor of the coffee beans only. 
In Sudan coffee has special rituals differs from that in any area all over the world .Sudanese are accustomed to drink it and keep in touch with it wherever they go worldwide  .Sudanese with different ages, believes, moods are admired with this ebony magic drink. It has special rituals and timing to drink this royal drink if could name it. Coffee is drink of poor as such as rich people .You can find it in sub-villages, villages, towns and cities. People have it in very simple places under trees, in a hot, small room, salon, or at an international café. 
Coffee in the Eastern Sudan is something quite different. It is essential part of the local culture of the components of Eastern Sudan community of the three states, Kassala, Gedaref and Red sea. They drink it early in the morning and at evening. It is part of the daily life practicing.
Coffee ,these brown beans are first freshly roasted over a small fire, often in no more a little refurbished tin been cut down where a wire or sometimes made of pottery. After that these small semi brown or brown became in black beans. Then all few minutes , then coffee beans are grinder to make it  semi powder , while a metal pot full boiling water is pared to put in just  one or tea spoons of coffee in it after added some flavor to make distinguished with special taste and flavor .
The process of preparing coffee is considered a small social, cultural forum or meeting where the family, relatives or friends are sitting around and chatting, exchange news, opinions and views, discuss problems .Despite differences in daily practices among all tribes in the east but they share drinking of coffee. They enjoy drinking it.
Poets had written many poems describing the process of preparing this wonderful drink, in a very exciting and amazing description of its beauty, taste and flavor. When you travel by bus for many hours across the desert and plains to any of the three states of the eastern Sudan you see small traditional café scattered along the road with different shapes, sizes, designs, levels of furniture but they you all present the same black magic hot drink as a favorite drink .Some people in the East believe that if you have a small cup (finjan) or more, it will be good for you all the rest of the day, it seems as some sort of optimism. 
They do respect it. They enjoy drinking it all the day at home, at work, in the markets. It is un-believable that you returned from the eastern Sudan without having a cup of coffee. It is not seasonal; they drink it all the year particularly during the holy month of Raman.