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Sunday, 25 March 2018

The Pioneers in Life Making

(Sulaiman Alamin) - When the small plane landed on the semi deserted waste land, drought at its peak

, typhoons "cyclones" beams of brown dust at the horizon, approaching rapidly snapped up in the empty space filling it with many flying objects, hot air which the Sudanese people call Ghahaboon, dust caring small particles hitting hardly on the faces, and in order to see, the eyelashes should be kept semi closed
What a crazy guy "here I mean Mr. Wajdi Mirgani" throwing us in this empty deserted place, dreaming of turning it into a green carpet, I browsed in my memory to remember the story of Prophet Uzear "PBUH" as narrated in the Holy Quran " Or like him who passed by a town, and it had fallen in upon its roofs. He said: When will Allah give it life after its death? "   So Allah caused him to die for a hundred years, then raised him. … till saying "So when it became clear to him, he said: I know that Allah is Possessor of power over all things"
I believe that Prophet Uzear "PBUH" was so astonished to think about the process of the resurrection of that wrecked village, however he was fully believing in the absolute power of the Almighty God, it was the same feeling of mine with the due consideration of the far difference, between the holy prophet  and the poor slave to his Almighty Allah which is myself, what Mr. Wajdi is going to do with this waste land, I think it needs a miracle
The Miracle happened in more than ten locations
Al-Ghdarif south east Sudan, Samsam area, 140 kilometer far away closer to the Ethiopian boarders, seven thousand acre "feddan" hardly to know whether it is Sudan or in California, the same hills covered with bushes and grass, the small plane landed, but this time on a cultivated heliport "runway" left a cloud of red brown dust, a fire truck and all security measures are ready, modern convoy of vehicles are waiting, cheerful faces, happy to receive people at that remote area, it was the time of cotton harvest, big machines pulled by tractors moving slowly in a rhythmic motion through the cotton field using respiration system,
At the gathering area, big pressers that have the harvested cotton in huge bulks, and a machine to upload the bulks on the trucks, the dragging and pulling system is quite amazing, as for myself as lay and naïve person, I was holding my heart, along the uploading process, as the wind is rather strong, my worried at any stage to lose control, and scatter the pressed cotton all over the place, particularly the five tons bulk is not wrapped just a yellow cap on the top, but nothing of my worries happen, the tape pulled up the bulk almost a twenty feet size container as if I was watching a movie of science imagination. Everything there by machine, very little human intervention, realizing the theme "African Plantation co, the pioneer in modern technology app"  everybody is doing his job in homogenous interaction paying no big attention to the visitors as if they were used to that, may be they are considering them as intruders that interrupt the production cycle
What was unexpected to me was the water melon farm, as all my information and impression about the African Plantation company "Sudan" is active only in Dura "sorghum" corn and cotton, as cash crops, sorghum and corn were already harvested, but water melon for seeds is new to me, a wide space of this creeping plant, the melon spread such as the stars over a clear sky, when I asked why water melon, the answer was quite convincing, it is the area that keep water during the raining season, in order to make use of all the space,  what is mostly amazing is a local designed machine to extract the seeds, tens of young girls collecting the melon from the wide field to feed the machine, so I can see the realization of what was said of jobs for the natives
"The all in one machine", very compact move smoothly in the field collect the cotton, press in roles of 2.5 tons, and directly to the truck, précising that long complicated process, this machine as we were informed was recently imported from United States after the sanctions were lifted, production was doubled several times, efforts and time saved, long lines of rolls ready for loading and long line of trucks ready to move to the mills " scutcher" in Ghadafif
Amazing never end in that remote place, to complete the cycle with the animal production, the flocks of sheep , lambs with huge tails, walking in difficulty, well fed, thousands of them brought to drink from the water ditch, how organized they are, a group by group, when finish drinking, leave the space for another waiting, responding to the calls of the shepherds as well trained circus animals,