Current Date:

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Sudanese-US Relations a New Vision

The Sudanese –American bilateral relations witnessed some sort of positive development after the lifting of US sanctions last October 2017. We expressed optimism towards the new chapter in these relations. Many Sudanese and American top officials exchanged visits in the short period followed the lifting of sanctions.
Some foreign diplomats accredited in Sudan described the post lifting sanctions era as a right step in developing the bilateral relations, saying that Sudan is entering a new era in dealing with its internal issues.
Those visits were followed also by a visit of huge number of American investors and business men to discover investment opportunities in Sudan. They expressed surprised with the great, variable and valuable potentials and resources, which is considered a right step in the right direction. 
Sudan had exerted great joint efforts in combating terrorism as well as at the regional and international levels, but it is still in the list of states sponsor terrorism which is contradicted with the decision of the US Administration of lifting sanctions last October.
Recently, Donald Trump, the US president appointed Mike Pompeo 54 years old  ,the CIA former chief after just one year in the CIA , to become the ministry  of Foreign affairs with full support of Trump , to replace the former foreign minister Rex W. Tiller son  Nobody expects such rapid change without any expectations of the politics experts.
This step in changing in the US ministry of foreign affairs as a top level in the US Administration will raise many questions, related to the US external relations. Sudan is part for the issue existing of Sudan in the list of states sponsor terrorism.
The US minister of Foreign affairs, Mike with his security and intelligence background may draw a new road map to the US Administration to deal with the whole world in a new vision, totally different as we expect or think about. Between these and those we hope that Sudan will be removed from the list of  states sponsoring terrorism as soon as possible taking into consideration the positive US  reports about the cooperation of Sudan in combating terrorism.
We hope that the expected next phase of the Sudanese-US dialogue in the coming era leads to rapid steps of removing Sudan from the list of state sponsoring terrorism.