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Friday, 30 March 2018

Geologists and International Experts Amazed by Sudan Potentials, Safety and Security

Khartoum (Neimat al Naiem – Najat Ahmed - Photo: Alsir Mukhtar) – Khartoum hosted for three days geologists and mining experts, presidents

, C.E.O, General Directors of giant international companies working in mining sector and the relevant specializations with rich and long experiences, from all over the world participated in the 3rd Sudan International Mining Business Forum and Exhibition SIMFE.
Experts and geologists expressed their great pleasure to be in Sudan either for the first time, or many times taking part in the first and second SIMFE. Most of them whom Sudan Vision interviewed described Sudan as a promising country in the field of mining, a safest, secured place in the world.  They came from Africa, Asia, Europe, US, Canada and Australia. They are to explore Sudan minerals potentials through investments, partnerships, connection, and networking.
Engineer Bandar Mardi Alanazi, Marketing and Customer Services Department Manager at Saudi Chemical, Saudi Arabia, told Sudan Vision that it is the first time to visit Sudan. He shed light on their company’s activity, pointing out that it is specialized in civil explosions, using for mining explorations purposes, industry of roads engineering. Alanazi said it is the first participation of their company, noting that Sudan is promising country in the field of mining.
“Sudan has great investment opportunities” he said, adding that there is huge influx of investments to Sudan . This is one of the motivators to come to Sudan and to take part, Eng. Bandar said.
He added that their participation in the 3rd SIMFE to review their products and to sign agreements with Sudanese counterpart. Saudi Arabia has many investments in Sudan, expecting to increase, Bandar explained that the company is of multi purposes included chemical industries, looking for signing agreements as investors, importers, partnerships. Sudan is promising country in mining for its natural resources, the government in Sudan is highly support this sector. They will play a role of the developing of mining industry in Sudan, said Alanazi.
He expressed his readiness to invite Saudi and international companies to visit Sudan. Sudan is promising, many virgin and untapped resources and fields to invest in. Eng. Badar M. Alanazi conveyed his deep thanks and gratitude to Sudan and Sudanese for this great opportunity to come to Sudan and participated in the 3rd SIMFE.
Geologist, Hugh Stuart, President of Orca Gold, and TSX- V: Org, He is one of the participants in the 3rd SIMFE. He shed light on their business in Sudan as geologists, explaining that it is a Canadian company engaged in acquisition and exploration of mineral properties in North and West Africa.
Stuart explained that he has been working for 7 years, visited Sudan several times, and participated in the 3rd SIMFE. His company in investing in Sudan since 1999 in mineral exploration, then successful in doing their business in Abu Hamad in the north of Sudan. They brought feasibility studies. He described Sudan as being large in model of mining.
It is a Canadian Company, so they work under the technical and financial regulations of the Canadian stock of exchange. They are very positive experience in Sudan said Stuart. They have worked before the lifting of US sanctions technologically. After lifting of sanction the situation is different.
Geologist Stuart explained that he worked on the rocks, on geology in Sudan, describing Sudan as a good place to invest in, a much stabled country, and a very moderate country, when you arrived in Sudan lots of people realize you, and so it is a very nice place.
Most of the people in the West listen to the CNN ,to news in mass media a lot about Sudan , that in any way , but  when came to Sudan , it is easy to travel around . Sudan is safe and easy place to work in.  A credibly, friendly, we have good Sudanese staff, we are very happy to invest in gold. During the last five or six years we had inserted more than US$50 million in exploration and hopefully , if we build mind the investment will be US$ 300 million .
So, we are very happy to be Sudan. It is promising country. Sudan has lots of gold. It the second biggest country in Africa in gold production, the first is Ghana. Sudan Gold is going on small scale sector, and I think we are leading the world in mining industry. Hopefully Sudan is opening up to top in gold producing in Africa. We are very positive, said Hugh Stuart.
Regarding the opportunities of mining investment in Sudan, Hugh noted to that the way began gold exploration is indeed, when they first came to Sudan, they exploration in block 14 in Abu Hamad with the Government, they have also partners in the project. He thinks the opportunity is hopefully noted to the large western companies, North American stock exchange, For Geologist Stuart, the government can take advantage and interest for Sudan.
 A lot of people are very keen to explore Gold in Sudan; we are going to look for large gold mines on modern bases, to world standard, last 15 years we employed hundreds of people to benefit in terms of income. The government actually genuinely made between 5- 50%. This project can contribute in growth of the country , a lot of employment, training ,not only in the mining but in supplies , supply fuel to the people. This is how the large scale industry contributes in the national economy of the country.
I think Sudan can benefit from this huge gathering of the international companies , geologists, and experts. The minister of Minerals in Sudan, and the General Director of Geological Research Authority of Sudan GRAS, are  understand how the load of developing the mining industry , but  I think what should to know that companies from Australia, Canada can explore anywhere in the world , so this conference is an opportunity for the government for the really make the most opportunity. I hope they will.
The question is the way they make it attract the companies to invest. I think  Sudan has investment frame work that makes the country attractive to investment , then the  people will come , because the Gold is here , geologists  are here  , the rocks are prospective and people want to come and work here .There are lots of western companies are success .
The government should seize the opportunity to develop mining industry. Mining in Sudan is still small scale industry, we don’t want to spend another five years to explore.  Inserting US$50 million as I said, we hope to increase to US$300 million, so it is along in our investments. Really we have the potentials to benefit for the Sudan.
Geologist Hugh Stuart promised to tell everybody to come and work in Sudan, people in the west have perceptions of Sudan, they think about the security problem, or fundamentalism or any inspirations. But when come to there is no any sign of security problems. Sudan is an easy place to work. The people are moderate, credibly and friendly, I travelled up and down to the projects all the time, we have expatriates from Africa, form UK we have no security problems, no issues. I encourage people to come, not only to Khartoum, but also to travel outside, travel to the north .I told my daughter to come to in January.
Regarding to the expansions in investment, he said it is related the investment frame work for the foreign companies, to come and invest, people and to come and invest. I think the opportunity is here. We don’t make any money, we is actually we want to do, we just building, we are going to employ the people to do the jobs, to train people on mining, to provide services. People want to invest, just make the invest frame work attractive, and then other companies will come.
“I think Sudan is changing very quickly. I have been here before five years. Seven years almost, the lifting of sanctions in October 2017.” He said adding  you see the government is working very hard. The exchange rate is changing. The official rate is now closed to the market rate. People can make big investment. I can say to investors come and travel in Sudan. It is showing that the government is working very hard. Sudan is now opening up. They want to invest, so I think it is very positive .That is why I’m here. I can say to those who want to come to Sudan, come and travel to Abu Hamad, to Atbara, to the desert where we work . Sudan is very nice country where I have been worked in Africa.