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Sunday, 01 April 2018

SIMFE, Three Days of Mining in Sudan

Khartoum (Neimat al Naiem – Najat Ahmed - Photo: Al-Sir Mukhtar) – SIMFE continues its 3-day sessions and exhibitions with highly and distinctive

participation of 125 national local, and giant international companies from all over the world. This huge number of the 125, 95 out of them are international, beside 30 Sudanese companies, some of them are organizers like VALIANT, and others are strategic partner represented into Ariab.
Top governmental officials attended the opening session which considered as indication of the importance of the SIMFE as an international economic gathering of Sudan minerals potentials and the world technology and international experiences of international geologists and experts.
SIMFE comes this time after the lifting of US sanctions last October 2017, new companies participate for the first time. Most of the participants expressed their pleasure to come to Sudan for the first, to explore investment opportunities, pointed to the variable resources of Sudan particularity in the field of mining hoping to change the negative image about Sudan.
Professor Hashim Ali Salim , minister of minerals pointed to that there are more than 40 minerals include gold, silver, uranium, platinum, precious stones, agricultural, and industrial minerals.
President of the Sudanese Portuguese Friendship and Business Association, Dr. Suliman Abdulmajeed Al Khabeer this is the first participation of mining companies in Sudan from Portugal, where three companies including different sectors, operation, machineries and distribution.
“Nevertheless, we are very happy about this exhibition, also the Portuguese can take a good opportunity in Sudan. It is more important to have some Portuguese to do some exploration and developing in mining sector” Al-Khabeer said
“After the visit of the Ambassador Madaline Fisher, the non-resident Portugal Ambassador to Sudan, three weeks ago to give instructions to Portuguese companies to invest in Sudan, especially in the mining sector; the Portuguese companies participated as technology, some have some work in the Red Sea state, in the field of infrastructure, mining exploration .” he added
He affirmed that mining sector in Sudan is very virgin, untapped resources, the Portuguese have technology with a very efficient capacity and very lower cost; they are now working in Sudan, and work to develop technology. They have full process in the mining sector from A to Z. Sudan can befit from that by having a good technology, a high efficiency, and direct foreign investment.
Dr. Alp Malazgrit, C.E.O, Metal and Mining from YIL MADEN. Holding INC , said that it is the first for him  to visit Sudan.
“I came from Istanbul, Turkey, we concentrate on mining, fertilizing, chrome mining, I have being invited to talk about my company. The image that I have about Sudan is emerging country. I came to Sudan for many reasons, the closed and good relations between Sudan and Turkey, between our two presidents in Sudan and Turkey is much closed and has good relationship.   Sudan is a brother country,” he said
“I have visited Egypt I have seen the Nile, and insist to see the Nile in Khartoum. I have visited also Uzbekistan which is also very rich in minerals as well as Sudan, it is very much like Sudan, and they also have a lot of Gold.  So for years and years, they two countries have closed economy, problems, safety and security issues. Sudan had been under sanctions, now it is opening up. Our experience is to go deep into these countries, explore with manageable, what is profitable, and also what is good for wealth of the local people, the local communities.” Malazgrit added
“So the way I said, this conference is just a beginning of stake up, an opportunity for the foreign companies to come to Sudan. It is also good for the Sudanese people. The experience in chrome mining, I believe that my company is very good and experienced in chrome mining; we are also good mineral processing. What is more important is to meet the people, experts, the geologists, mining engineers, the people who are actually working in Sudan, those who doing business in Sudan, they know the government, the taxations, they know the people, so spent a lot of time during these three days is extremely useful, networking is very important” he disclosed
“I came to Sudan, now I’m investing my time here, I spent my time with you, and so I’m investing. Sudan is very promising land, the government used to help, safety, a lot of government assistance, guidance. Guidance is very important, so Sudan is very promising in mining,” he added
“My message to those who are planning to come to Sudan, I say, we should continue coming; we should continue to get networking, to know new players in Sudan. At the governmental, diplomatic levels, keep contact with the Sudanese officials, Sudanese professions.” he concluded.