Current Date:

Friday, 27 April 2018

Al-Baraka Tenth Mass Weeding in Five States

The Al-Baraka Tenth mass wedding represents one of the pioneering roles of the NISS

(National Security and Intelligence Services) in social partnership as the apparatus has its footprint in several activities and interactions which deal directly with the citizens.
During his visit to Al-Fashir , the capital city of North Darfur State – National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) Director, 1st Lt. Gen. Salah Abdalla (Gosh) accompanied by high level delegation attended the tenth mass wedding organized by the NISS administration in North Darfur State.
This was just phase one of the Al-Baraka Tenth mass wedding which then  extended to North Kordofan, Gezira, Red Sea and Khartoum and the number of marriages in this round has reached 250.
The NISS, and despite its tremendous role in confronting the challenges facing the nation, is reacting positively towards the concerns of the communities. One of these initiatives is to facilitate marriage for young couples and assist them in establishing a family which is the foundation of the society and the nation.
These  efforts by the NISS  should be highly commended and show that NISS leadership is fully aware  of their social responsibilities towards the society and are meeting the challenges effectively as demonstrated by this initiative.