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Monday, 23 April 2018

Women’s Republic

It is not important whether this story is true. What is important is the symbolism

It is said that a group of women decided to live on an island without men.  Every one of them had an experience of a love story that had failed or an unsuccessful and broken marriage.
They worked out a constitution to govern their lives on that isolated island. The most important article in the constitution was a death sentence for any man who lands on the island. All the women in the group were enthusiastic for this article and therefore passed it unanimously.
One day an unaware fisherman landed on the island. He saw a huge placard placed on a tree-top on the seashore. The huge banner read :”Any man who lands on this island shall be sentenced to death, for this is an island exclusively for women”. The fisherman was amazed. Suddenly, he was apprehended by a force composed of the island guards. Soon the island court \was convened. The court p[assed a death sentence on the fisherman and a gallows was set up. The man was astonished and stood waiting for the execution. He could not believe all that was happening to him.
The woman charged with the task of executing him came forward and as usual asked him tp express his last wish before she pulls the rope of the gallows. She promised to fulfill his wish pursuant to the law of the island. The fisherman said he wanted to kiss the most beautiful woman on the island before they hang him.
At once a big controversy and a bitter broke out among the women who fought and pulled each other’s hair. At last they agreed on one women. The woman said she was embarrassed to be kissed in front of the others so the other women left and they were alone.
She ran away with the fisherman in his boat and the Republic of Women collapsed.