Current Date:

Monday, 07 May 2018

Government Determines the Basics of the National Document for the Strategy to Reduce Poverty

Khartoum - First Vice President of the Republic, National Prime Minister, 1st Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh

addressed the deliberating workshop on the national strategy to reduce poverty organized recently by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum. The workshop aims at expediting the implementation of the national document of the strategy to reduce poverty and to determine its essential basics that simultaneously with the long terms strategies of the State.
Bakri directed to cover many aspects of this strategy in the coming stage including the involvement of the latest in the national dialogue and what is followed in providing new opportunities to set comprehensive, integrated strategy for all states in Sudan, beside the importance of the required analytical studies to determine the gap of statistical knowledge in the field of poverty and estimates the cost of reducing poverty, and the volume of required assistances.

Reducing Poverty Represents an Important Topic in Plans and Programs of Development:

Minister of finance, Mohamed Osman Al-Rekabi, described the setting of the comprehensive document as important in the plans and programs of the ministry of finance, added that they work to redirect the general context of the social, economic policies towards increasing growth and links it with reducing poverty. The minister disclosed a road map concentrating on agriculture, services, social protection and good governance to support poor people. He declared the preparatory phase include understanding scientific papers to present analysis to facilitate setting of the strategy, assuring the concern with the implementing of integrated programs to reduce poverty and to set a comprehensive medium and long term   economic vision to gather resources to reduce poverty.
Minister of finance assured that the aspects of the strategy of reducing poverty came in the context of concern with the needs of the citizens and providing the basic services. He also reviewed the efforts of the State in reducing poverty by increasing development in the dispute affected areas as it came in the budget of 2018 .In addition to the plans of the state in realizing economic stability, increase of growth rate, reduce inflation, stability in exchange rates, reducing governmental consumption.
Mashair al Dwaleb , minister of Insurance and social development  assured the importance of the completed partnership for all sectors , and the joining public efforts with the  private sector, civil society, and the international partnership to reduce poverty rate.

Updating Poverty Data through Electronic Survey:

Mashair Al-Dawaleb disclosed that a program of improving data of poor through electronic survey finance by the World Bank which represent a data base. She appreciated the role of the donors to curb poverty.

European Union Works According to Three Objectives:

EU representative works according to three objectives include reducing poverty, sustainable development, and support democracy. He expressed his satisfaction with the EU works in Sudan.
Continuation of the BADEA Support:
The resident representative of BADEA for Development assured the continuation of the bank efforts in supporting Sudan to reduce poverty.

UN Sudan Absorbed the Economic Crisis:

Lilia Hashim Na’aas the regional Director of the North Africa–UN Economic committee pointed to the progress achieved by Sudan in facing poverty issues and absorbing the economic crisis.