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Monday, 07 May 2018

FVP Inaugurates the Production Plants in the Red Sea

Khartoum - As part of the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Industry to develop and improve the industrial work in Sudan

, in the framework of its efforts to develop and upgrade the salt industry from traditional manufacturing to modern manufacturing using mechanization and good manufacturing by adding iodine to produce healthy salt for use, The first corner of Bakri Hassan Saleh, the response and rational production plants for the production of iodine salt in the Red Sea State accompanied by the Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry Dr. Abdo  Daoud  Suliman.
  Minister of State for Industry Dr. Abdo Daoud said that the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Industry to establish iodized salt factories are concentrated in the localization and promotion of the iodized salt industry in coordination with partners from the Red Sea State Government, the Federal and State Health Ministries, As well as solving the health problems of iodine deficiency in Sudan and establishing a training center for workers in these factories.
He praised the considerable efforts and support provided by UNICEF's global iodine network for the localization of the iodine salt industry and expressed his thanks and appreciation to Professor Ezzeddine Hassan, technical supervisor of the Nutrition Department of the Network, Professor Michel Zimmerman of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Jonathan Korstein, Executive Director of the Iodine Network
The total area of ??the plant is 2 thousand feddans, while the area of ??navigation is 300 feddans and the design capacity of the plant is 5 tons of mioden salt per hour. (250 kg), 250 (250) grams and 300 g of cans. He pointed to the role of the plant in the development of marine resources and exempting the country from importing iodized salt, water purification tablets And mineral salts, noting that the plant benefited from the global experiences and transfer them to the country in The product of iodized salt to achieve the highest quality in this field.
It is to be noted that the signing of the Convention for the modernization and development of salt added iodine in Sudan was held on 25 October 2015 in the presence of high-level federal ministers of health and industry, ministers of state and representatives of United Nations agencies and related interfaces. The shortage of iodine in salt is one of the biggest causes of abortion and neonatal mortality. Iodine deficiency also causes hearing loss, speech impairment, low IQ, dwarfism, short stature, hyperthyroidism, mental retardation and brain damage.
The Ministries of Industry and Health of the Federal and the Republic, the Government of the Red Sea, the International Iodine Network and the Union of Industrial Chambers and Producers of Iodine Salt decided that the beginning of the year 2019 shall not produce and carry any non-iodized salt for humans and animals.