Current Date:

Monday, 07 May 2018

The National Strategy for REDD

Khartoum - As part of the first phase of the REDD program. It began to set up national strategy

as a base for the implementing phase of the REDD. A preparatory proposal was presented.
Hassan and Taj Consulting Company was chosen to prepare a primary report of the national strategy for REDD. Many meetings were held, besides discussing with the concerned bodies including the leader of the World Bank team in Washington. These meetings appointed an international expert to take part in preparing of this strategy according to the international standards and requirements.
The international expert pointed to the most important projects that work in reducing emissions and to be involved in the strategy such Gum Arabic Belt, Water harvest project in Jebel Marra, and the Forests sustainable management project. He reviewed experiences of other countries like Ghana in producing Coca.
The approval of this strategy means the success of the program of REDD and other new born projects pioneer in the field of Forests, Environment and climate change. Despite the fact that this preparation phase continues up to 2019, it doesn’t prevent to find financing to the strategy before the end of this phase.
It worth mentioning that the REDD program completed many other studies such as the socio-economic impact study , uses and possession of lands study, and the study of causes of REDD, beside a study of dividing of  the benefits , and a study on communication.