Current Date:

Sunday, 20 May 2018

S. Kordofan Governor: Communal Dialogue Contributed to Realization of Peace and Voluntary Return

Kadugli - Governor of South Kordofan State Dr. Eisa Adam Abakar has disclosed that his government has implemented a plan for realization of security and peace in the state,

which has culminated in the state of peace and security the citizens of South Kordofan enjoy now.
The Governor said that one of the best things that characterize South Kordofan State is the peaceful religious coexistence prevailing among the citizens despite the bitterness of the war, saying that no problem has ever occurred between Muslims and Christians in the state, where churches and mosques are found close to each other.
The Governor, in an interview to Sudan Vision, affirmed that the war was imposed on the state, and the government of the state was obliged to confront the rebels to maintain security and peace in the area, adding that this is the duty of the government of the state towards its citizens.
He disclosed that community committees comprising native administration leaders, political parties and women have been set up, adding that they asked these committees to map out a plan to communicate with the rebels, indicating that the door of dialogue is still open between them.
He explained that the community dialogue that have been conducted among the citizens has created an environment that led many citizens, even those with the ranks of the rebels to return voluntarily, a matter that resulted in the stoppage of the war in the state and maintaining good relations among the citizens in both sides.
These good relations among the citizens have resulted in realization of peace in the state, the Governor added, saying that this has enabled the government of the state to provide development services to the citizens.
The Governor of South Kordofan State has pointed out that they are embarked on rehabilitation and development of education, health, water and electricity services in the state, calling for support to education in the state, which had been affected by the war.
He affirmed that production areas in the state have been linked to urban areas by paved roads as well as linking the localities with the capital of the state, saying that these roads are now contributing to boosting development and peace in the state.
The Governor referred to the presence of more than 10 million heads of livestock in the state that would contribute to the increase of exports, explain that South Kordofan assumes the fourth place among the states of the country in the field of agricultural production.