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Thursday, 03 May 2018

Chief Justice Opens Premises of Court for Combating Corruption Tomorrow

Khartoum- Chief Justice Hon. Prof. Haider Ahmed Daffallah opens the premises of the Court for Combating Corruption and Public Funds Violations at Al-Imtidad Courts

Complex in Khartoum tomorrow (Monday).
The Chief Justice issued on April 15 a decision stipulating formation of the court and appointing three judges for it.
The decision determined the powers of the court in considering cases of corruption and violation of public funds besides suits referred to it by the Chief Justice.
The Spokesman of the Judiciary, Hon. Khalid Hamza, said in a statement to Sudan News Agency that the decision by the Chief Justice that the court may hold its session in any state of the Sudan comes coping with the strategy of the Judiciary and for enabling the judiciary to carry out its role in combatting corruption and violations of public funds.
Deputy Chief Justice Hon. Abdul-Majeed Idriss Ali, will hold a press conference at the premises of the court following its opening on its formation and powers and the nature of suits to be referred to it besides the indications of the decision issued by the Chief Justice forming the court.