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Sunday, 06 May 2018

Al-Nageeb: We Are Satisfied with Situations of Press Freedom in Sudan

Khartoum - (SUNA) The Sudan Press Freedom Organization (SPF) will observe Thursday the World Press Freedom Day which coincides 3 May every year , Dr Al-Nageeb Adam Gamar-Eddin, the Chairman of the Organization told reporters.
In a press conference held at the SPFO headquarters in Khartoum Wednesday, Dr Gamar-Eddin hailed journalists across the world , at battle fields and detentions, their families and civil societies that remained standing alongside journalists and working for their protection.
"We are completely satisfied with freedom of press in Sudan" he said, expressing hope that journalists find opportunity to express his country's issues and be appreciated by all, stressing the organization's solidarity and standing alongside press and journalists in their efforts to defend their press freedom-related rights.
Dr Al-Nageeb read out in the press conference a report about press freedom World-wide compiled by SPFO on occasion of the World Press Freedom Day.
He said this day is for thinking about situations of press freedom and showing solidarity with journalists who are subjecting to violations as well as for calling the international organizations and governments to cease such violations and improve situations of press freedom.