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Wednesday, 09 May 2018

Faisal: There is No Imprisoned Journalist in Sudan

Khartoum - Presidential Assistant Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim has said that there is no imprisoned journalist in Sudan

for the country’s commitment to press freedom.
Addressing celebrations marking the International Press Freedom Day at the premises of the Sudanese Journalists General Union, Dr. Faisal called for enhancing confidence between the state and the journalists, saying that the state has remained committed to the principle of press freedom, as one of the requirements of the National Dialogue.
He called for supporting and qualifying the journalists in practicing their profession.
Chairman of the Sudanese Journalists General Union Al-Sadeq Al-Rizaiqi, on his part, stressed the importance of guaranteeing press freedom, a matter that calls for promoting press legislations to cope with the international criteria for press freedom.
He called for enhancing the flow of information among the sectors of the society for serving the interests of the country in full objectivity and impartiality.