Current Date:

Sunday, 06 May 2018

FAO: Sudan's Fisheries Sector is Important Factor in Bridging Food Gap

Khartoum – FAO affirmed that Sudan’s fisheries sector could fill the food gap if it is exploited optimally.
FAO representative in Sudan said that the sector is still under development stages and needs to be interested in expanding in the areas of marketing and participation in the opportunities of industrialization, stressing that it is a source of livelihood for local and poor societies, expressing the organization's readiness to provide technical and logistical support to achieve food security.
For his part, Minister of Animal Wealth,  Bushara Juma Aror stressed the importance of the frameworks of enhancing joint cooperation between his ministry and international organizations working in the field of improving and developing the infrastructure of the fisheries sector in Sudan.
Addressing the opening session of the workshop on the status of permanent needs in the field of fish farming, the minister stressed the presence of challenges facing increasing fish production, pointing out that the sector represents a key pillar for bridging the food gap,  expecting a large scientific breakthrough in the field of development through the introduction of modern technologies to increase production and productivity, praising FAO's role in capacity-building and supporting producers to fight poverty.
The workshop reviewed a number of working papers that demanded the need to review the laws and provide information and statistics on fish.
On the other hand, the Minister of Animal Resources discussed, with the delegation of North Darfur, local Tweisheh, projects that contribute to the development of the private sector, especially local.
Fish stocks can fill the food gap if it is exploited optimally.