Current Date:

Sunday, 06 May 2018

Finance Minister Says Ministry Supports All Development Projects

Mattama, River Nile State - The Minister for Finance and Economic planning, Dr Mohamed Osman Al-Rikabi, on Tuesday said his ministry supports all development projects in the country.
Addressing the launching of Zaddi 2 project, the first phase at Mattama Locality, a 50 thousand Feddans project funded by the Zadna international investment company, the Minister the objective of his ministry is a sustainable development not only in the project but in human resources as well.
The minister commended the technology used in the project which he stressed has moved the region into the 21st century. He said it was imperative to use modern technology and to best use the available resources particular in the areas of agriculture where the country has over 200 million feddans of arable lands with only 40 million being used so far.
He urged youth to come back and involve in the agricultural activities.
The governor of the state Hatim Al Wasilah has meanwhile stressed that the agriculture is the main source for the national economy and that whatever hardships the Sudan faces, the only outcome is to expand in the agricultural activities.
He pointed to the vanguard activities of Zadna Company and its work in fattening, refrigerators, and storage.
He praised the role played by the federal ministry and its support for the projects initiated in the region which would help boost the national economy such as the project run in the River Nile state.