Current Date:

Friday, 11 May 2018

Finance Minister Signs 63.3 Million Dollar Grant Agreement with IsDB Group

Khartoum- Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Mohamed Osman Al-Rikabi has signed with President of Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Group Dr. Bandar Hajjar a

grant agreement amounting to 63.3 million dollars for establishment of service projects at Al-Malam area in South Darfur State.
This came on the sidelines of the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning’s participation in the 43rd. annual meeting of Islamic Development Bank Group held in Tunisia.
The Minister, addressing the main working session of the meetings, expressed thanks for the Islamic Development Bank for its great contributions in boosting the social and economic development process in Sudan.
He also called for supporting the country during the post- sanctions stage to enable the country to integrate in the international economy.