Current Date:

Thursday, 03 May 2018

SLM Reveals Egypt’s Attempt to Escalate Conflict in Sudan

Khartoum – Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM)(Second Revolution) under Abul Gasim Imam said that Egypt doesn’t want stability to Sudan, and accordingly the Egyptian regime considers any move from the Sudanese government to serve the interests of the nation is against the interests of Egypt which wants Sudan to become a subservient to serve Cairo interests, so the Egyptian regime is working to escalate the conflicts in Sudan.
SLM leading figure, Mohammed Idriss affirmed that Cairo has no positive role towards resolving the issues of South Sudan and Darfur, calling on the Sudanese to unify their internal ranks and overcome the disputes in order to abort and Egyptian plots
Idriss pointed out to the involvement of Egypt during the attack of the armed groups of Darfur last years, disclosing that Cairo is working to activate those armed groups which lost its force in order to weaken Sudan.
It is worth noting that several Darfuri  leading figures accused recently Cairo of  hosting the insurgents and opposition without considering the bilateral relations with Khartoum.