Current Date:

Thursday, 03 May 2018

AU Demands Cancellation of ICC Procedures against Sudan

Khartoum - The open AU (African Union) ministerial committee demanded the cancellation of the ICC (International Criminal Court) procedures against the President of the

Republic Field Marshal Omer Hassan Al Bashir and also the meeting urged the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to withdraw the case from the ICC. This came in the committee meeting on Thursday which was attended by the Sudan Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ibrahim Ghandour.
At the same time the committee urged all African countries to implement the AU resolutions on the ICC. Also, the meeting affirmed the firm rejection of the ICC targeting of African countries and sabotaging its efforts to achieve internal justice and reconciliations.
In addition the meeting stressed on the importance of taking firm steps in towards with the ICC and in particular after it had targeted lately the Republic of Burundi, and before that South Africa. It pointed to the importance of strengthening of the AU headquarters hosting agreement that should guarantee complete amenity for the participating presidents and delegations that participate in the Au summits meetings and this should in a very clear and open manner.
The meeting also welcomed the withdrawal of South Africa and Burundi from the ICC agreement and called upon the state members in the AU to sign the Malabo African Human Rights Protocol to activate the African justice mechanisms.