Current Date:

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Governor Announces Financial Rewards for Physicians Willing to Operate in Rural Areas

Khartoum -- The Governor of North Darfur Abdul-Wahid Yousif has announced a reward valued at 20,000 Sudanese pounds per month for any doctor willing to operate in

the rural areas to encourage physicians to relocate outside capital El-Fashir.
The reward according to the Governor is inclusive of additional incentives. The Governor said while addressing public service day in El-Fashir the incentive were meant for improving health services and indigenizing healthcare across the state.
He reiterated his government's pledge to provide midwives for every locality in addition to commitment to meet their salaries.
Yousif hailed the dedications of health personnel in the states, especially during the critical periods of watery diarrhea epidemic early this year.
He lauded the operations of Rapid Support Forces along with other regular forces, who managed to uncover huge amounts of drugs in North Darfur region of Umkadada on a vehicle en route Khartoum; in additions to medical drugs being smuggled into the capital. 
The Governor further announced rewards for security organs to help purge the region of criminal acts, drugs, arms trafficking operations, and all forms of what he described as practices "alien to the society."