Current Date:

Friday, 23 February 2018

Jebel Al-Barkal Festival: Reflection of Sudan’s Civilizations and Tourism and Investment Potentials

Dongola - Jebel Al-Barkal Festival aims at reflecting Sudan’s civilizations, especially the Nubian civilizations in the Northern State that dated back to 900 B.C.

Jebel (Mountain) Al-Barkal, which is located at Merowe area, stands throughout years as cradle for Sudan’s civilizations, which extended from there to many regions of the world.
The fourth session of the festival, named Jebel Al-Barkal International Festival for Culture, Tourism and Investment, was inaugurated last Sunday by President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir. It is scheduled to continue for 10 days. The festival has attracted this year new categories of participants from inside and outside the country.
The Festival is constituted as an opportunity to promote the vast tourism and investment potentials in the northern part of Sudan, where there are more than 4000 archeological sites. The participating companies, which have come from all parts of Sudan, reflect the national nature of the festival.

Besides its ancient civilizations, the area with its picturesque beauty of nature is considered as a splendid tourism attraction, where big gardens of palm trees spread all along the Nile.
The cultural shows, including songs and folklore dances, are among the programs that characterizes the festival this year.

The Nile and Palm Trees:

It is not surprising that followers of the programme of the festival have expressed their admiration of the Nubian art that is inspired mainly from the Nile and date palm trees.
The festival program includes organizing folkloric Nile shows and cultural nights that reflect the ancient civilizations of the area that had spread in Africa and ruled in Egypt and Al Sham region.
The organizers of the festival say that it aims to reflect the ancient history of the Sudan and urge the Sudanese people to adhere to their deep-rooted cultural and civilization heritage besides promotion of tourism and investment in the northern states.

Good Tidings:
The citizens of Merowe area have awaited many good tidings from Jebel Al-Barkal Festival for Culture, Tourism and Investment.
President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has pledged in his address to the inauguration ceremony of the festival solutions to all issues facing the citizens of the area besides boosting development through electrification of the agricultural projects.
Al Bashir also inaugurated during his visit to the Northern State a number of development projects in Dongola locality besides the first stage of Al-Selaim-Nawa Road Project of 100 kms long, which has been implemented by Zadna Company for Roads and Bridges.
The President also opened at Al-Golid Locality building of the Agricultural Bank, Al-Golid Hospital, a center for kidney dialysis, technical college at Sudan Technological University besides the Islamic University Branch at the town.
President Al Bashir addressed a mass rally at Al-Golid Locality, where he hailed the sacrifices and contributions made by its people for the homeland, including Martyr Al Zubair Mohamed Salih.
He also directed implementation of Al-Golid Bridge.