Current Date:

Saturday, 06 January 2018

Launch of Jebel Al-Barkal Tourism, Culture and Investment Festival Activities

Al-Barkal - Events of Jebel Al-Barkal Tourism, Culture and Investment Festival l kicked off Sunday evening

, with the participation of a large number of creators and singers, amid an official and popular, Arab and foreign Diplomatic presence.
The evening witnessed the screening of the film "Sudan, the Land of Civilizations", besides popular songs in the different languages ??of the area, in addition to the presentation of popular bands to all the cultures of the country in recognition of the nationality of the festival.
The meanings of the festival and the various artistic reviews embodied the features of the Nubian civilization extending for more than (4) thousand years.
The film, “Sudan, the Land of Civilizations” presented the story of the heritage and the history of Jebel Al-Barkal, this mountain, which stands tall, contains many civilizations and cultures that embody the features of peoples. It is said that Al-Barkal is a sacred mountain that the king Taharqa came to it for his baptism.
The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, during his participation in the cultural night, celebrated the historical heritage of the Northern State, saying that the oldest human civilizations exist in northern Sudan.
Chairman of the festival, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Khidir said that the festival aims at addressing the world and introducing it to the different cultures of Sudan.
The first cultural events of the Jebel Al-Barkal Festival for Tourism, Culture and Shopping were launched on Sunday evening, with the participation of a large number of singers, along with a number of other shows, where the audience interacted with them.
CEO of Sudatel Group, Eng. Tariq Hamza stressed Sudani’s Company keenness to continue to sponsor a number of activities for Merowe Locality, announcing a donation of SDG 500,000 for football activity there, revealing the company's intention to make fence for Jebel Al-Barkal and granting the degree to two students, in the context of  preservation of cultural heritage.
Meanwhile, Minister of Tourism, Mohamed Abu Zaid revealed the existence of about 2044 islands in the country, pointing out that the Northern State is full of many tourist elements, stressing his ministry's keenness to make the state of tourist resource, saying it has the potential to be a huge economic resource.