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Saturday, 06 January 2018

Scientific Tour of Omdurman Al-Qabas Students to the Areas of Bijrawiya and Sabaloga

Sudan is rich in tourist resources, which attract tourists from Arab and foreign countries, while the Sudanese themselves

have recently organized tourist and scientific tourist trips to a number of areas in the various states of the country, where every area has its tourist characteristics according to its nature.
Meroe is the ancient name of the city that contains the Nubian Pyramids in Shendi Locality in the River Nile State, about 200 km from Khartoum. It was the capital of the Kushite Kingdom and contains the Nubian pyramids, which were established by the Kushite rulers in Sudan in 300 BC.
Sabaloga Cataract in the River Nile is considered a destination for Arab and foreign tourists due to the nature of the area, the narrowness of the water course and the water flow. It provides skiing, swimming and Nile cruises. The state also includes many species of wildlife such as birds and different animals that attract tourists and visitors, it is about 80 km from the capital Khartoum
Al-Qabas Basic Level School for Boys in Omdurman organized a scientific tour to Bijrawiya and Sabaloga areas, as part of the great efforts exerted by the Khartoum Foundation for Special Education represented by the school, which is run by Dar Al-Salam Al-Siddiq, who said that the school used to organize such tours for its great advantages to students.
Sudan Vision followed the said tour, which found a good impression in the minds of schoolchildren and their families, where a number of parents interviewed by the newspaper said the tour gave their children confidence and self-reliance, especially as they were on a full day trip with their teachers to those areas
The students were accompanied by the headmaster of the school and a number of teachers.