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Tuesday, 08 May 2018

American Classical Jazz Trio (Petrio) in Sudan

Sudanese-American Friendship Association Honors the American Jazz Band (Petrio) and Mazahir Saleh

The U.S. Embassy in Khartoum, in collaboration with the Sudanese American Friendship Association, the Higher Committee for the Jebel Barkal Festival , Karmakol Festivals Organizers as well as the Artist Union in Port Sudan  have invited an American Classical Jazz trio (Petrio)  to Sudan  from December 9-16 to perform at various concerts in Khartoum, Port Sudan, Karmakol and Jebel Barkal.
American classical Jazz Trio, consisting of 3 musicians, was received at Khartoum International, by the family of the US Embassy, representative of Jebel Berkel Festival, Abdul Rahman Hataba, and Dr. Mohamed Al-Mutasim Hakim, Secretary of the European Department of the Council for International People's Friendship (CIPF)

The importance of the visit

The visit comes within the framework of cultural communication between the two countries and the construction of bridges of cultural and social exchange that have been interrupted for a period of 30 years.

The Band tours

The band started its first cultural and artistic tour to the 9th Festival of Tourism and Shopping in the Red Sea State of Port Sudan, where it presented a wonderful concert that won the admiration of the people of Port Sudan, calling for tolerance, love and peace.
The second concert was held in the presidential villas in Khartoum, where the band presented a number of songs, including the Sudanese song.

The band concluded its visit by a lavish dinner given by the CIPF, in honor of the band to what they presented of joy to the Sudanese people.
President of the Sudanese-American Friendship Association, Dr. Abdul Majid Abdul Gadir expressed his thanks and gratitude for the visit of the band to the Sudan to present the best of its music and songs, stressing that this comes within the framework of popular action for the purpose of cultural exchange and building bridges of communication between the two peoples
CIPF Deputy Secretary General,  Zuhair Hamid referred to the coordination between the council and the embassy in the process of social communication between the two peoples, stressing the continuation of this communication and cultural exchange between the two countries.
Mazahir Saleh expressed her happiness for this communication between America and Sudan, and expressed her thanks to the association for honoring her
The Jazz Band expressed its gratitude and thanks to everyone for the hospitality, and generosity they found in Sudan, as well as the response of the Sudanese people to their rhythms.

Honoring the American Jazz band and Mazahir Saleh

The American Band was honored with a commemorative shield. Mazah Saleh Kaul was also honored as a woman who won a high ranking position in America for her service, efforts and struggles that she continue in America to all sectors of the society. She expressed her hope that there would be joint cooperation with the said association in the future.