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Saturday, 06 January 2018

Tourism in Sudan: Natural Beauty and Glorious History

Merowe- Sudan vision has made a tour of the famous archeological site in northern Sudan of El-Kurru royal cemeteries

with its many pyramids and tombs. The royal pyramids which date back to 300 BC, reflect the rich civilizational diversity, where the Nile and desert merge to result in peoples and topography system that reflects the glorious history of the area.
During the tour, Sudan Vision visited the pyramids and tombs of Sudanese royal families of that time in the glorious history of Sudan.
Sudan with its vast land enjoys rich cultural and ethnic diversities and coexistence.
The country, with its vast areas and rich natural resources, is attractive for investments in the various fields, top of which the tourism sector.
Sudan has many tourist attractions because of its varying natural environments, including forests, rivers, sea coasts and desert.
These are conducive for various types of tourism such as safari trips, rest and relaxation, resort areas and sea, river and desert sports.
Besides this, Sudan avails unique opportunity for cultural tourism with antiquities of its glorious historical civilizations.
The Sudanese people themselves are considered the main tourism attraction with their good nature and hospitality and welcome they accord to visitors and guests.