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Saturday, 06 January 2018

Sudanese Media Center ... Thumbs Up

Khartoum – The Sudanese media Center (SMC) celebrated the 15th anniversary of its establishment on Thursday evening

Qualitative attendance joined SMC its ceremony including ministers, diplomats, editors of media outlets e.g.  Interior Minister Hamed  Mannan, Minister of Animal Resources Bushara Jumaa Aror, State Minister at the Ministry of International Cooperation Sumaiya Ukud and Director of the African Union Office in Sudan, Ambassador Mahmoud Kan.
The Director of SMC warmly welcomed the honourable guests, affirming their intension to expand its services through boosting relation with research centers inside the country and abroad besides presenting TV reports and capacity-building for its staff to cope with the international standards.

Good Shots
* The ceremony included awards to the winning journalists in the competition organized by the Center for the best press work in non-news items. Among those winner was our reporter Najat Ahmed for her essay on human trafficking and the new slavery.
* The other good shot is the honouring of prominent figures in media related fields i.e. drama character Nabil Mutwakil, authenticator and columnist Ahmed Mohamed Shamouq, columnist Abdoun Nasr Abdoun, and cameraman Nour Al-Huda Hamid
The two shots deserve appreciation as it indicates the keenness of the SMC to honour Sudanese icons for their efforts in their professions.
 The performance of the Ahfad University for Women Coral made the night enjoyable.
It is worth noting that Sudanese Media Centre (SMC) was founded in December 2002 to provide news and information about Sudan to the world from a local perspective, not influenced by the mainstream media or by foreign agendas. The SMC operates with respect for truth and the people’s right to information.
The SMC goal is to publish objective, ethical reports that respect the people and the national interests of the country.  It adheres to the policy of operating with the highest of ethical standards, objectivity and accuracy at the highest professional levels.
The SMC is a platform for the various Sudanese parties to engage in debates that respect freedom of speech and expression, including the hosting and organizing of press conferences and providing training for journalists.
The SMC also serves as reference for journalists, a source of training and interaction that foster a healthy debate among Sudanese journalists, civil society, government, opposition and intellectuals in Sudan and abroad.
The SMC releases information 24 hours daily in Arabic, English and French.

Our Message
We, in Sudan Vision convey our warm congratulations to the SMC for lighting its 16th candle, and hail its role in supporting our vision and mission as a window of objectivity, wishing this leading outlet all the success in conducting its mission in a professional manner.