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Saturday, 06 January 2018

Amazing 4th Asian Festival Day

OBcial representative of the Russian Embassy Sergey Konyashin, he said in Beyond Asia or Russia divulges unknown pages of the most popular oriental event in Khartoum Is

there a way to experience the culture of distant charted?  He added Countries and to touch their national cuisines, languages, folklore music, dances and songs without leaving their home?  It seems there is, if you live in Khartoum, where the group of the Asian embassies   in   Sudan   (China,   India,   Indonesia,   Japan,   Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan and Russia) once again successfully Conducted its traditional Cultural Festival on December 8, 2017.  It was the fourth time that thousands of people had come together in the heart of Sudanese capital to enjoy the incredible atmosphere of marvelous Asia full of miracles and dreams. And maybe more than that – they were a lot of fun seeing dynamic and   full   of   vital   energy   performances,  which   were   brought   by original musicians and artists from all over Asian countries! Konyashin confirmed that during its four years of existence the Asian festival became a good tradition of the pre-Christmas Eve in Khartoum. The event is absolutely free of politics and has very obvious charitable and philanthropic orientation. Most likely, it is the main reason why the festival typically attracts huge numbers of people year after year and why so many people in Khartoum are looking forward to visit it.  All the collected money from the sale of tickets, souvenirs and handicrafts are always directed for charity.
For   example,   150   thousand   SDG   received   from   the   Third Asian   Cultural   Festival,   which   was   coordinated   in   the   previous years   by   the   Russian   Ambassador   Extraordinary   and Plenipotentiary H.E. Mr. Mirgayas Shirinskiy as a dean of the Asian group, were solemnly handed over to the Sudanese Central Bank of   Blood   for   the   renovation   of   premises   and   purchase   of   new medical   equipment.   So   we   are   very   happy   to   aware   that   our activity   not   only   yields   joy   and   knowledge   for   our   Sudanese friends, but has also a great practical value saving their health and lives As an accountant of the Asian group in this year the Russian Embassy in Khartoum is working now on collecting and counting money received from the Fourth Festival of 2017 to prepare it for the next Sudanese organization, which is in need of assistance. It will   be   chosen   by   consolidated   solution   of   all   the   Asian ambassadors at the beginning of the next year.
At the Fourth Asian Cultural Festival in Khartoum the Russian OBcial representative explain that Federation   was   represented   by   a   beginning   performer   of   the Russian folk songs Ms. Anna Rumyantseva, student of the Russian State University of the International Law and Economics named after A.S. Griboyedov. She performed the Russian folk songs and dances that were well known throughout the world. Listening her voice  you   could   feel   a   natural   need   for   singing   of   the   Russian people and would understand how melodic songs help them to express their soul. Anna’s first song “Oy, to ne vecher” (“It is not a evening”) have passed through the all complicated life of Russia. It is very old song, its author is unknown. It told us about a very memorable historic event of the Russian history – the huge popular uprising led by Stepan Razin. Konyashin explain that the second one was “V roshche kalina” (“There is a guelder-rose   in the woods”).   It   is   a   very   mere,   quite funny   and comic dancing folk music that told us about way of life and leisure of theRussian people in the ancient times.
Last  year   a   folk   Tatar  national   ensemble   “Sornay” (city   of Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation) took part in the Third Asian Cultural Festival with a marvelous performance. The   band   played   ancient   musical   instruments   of   Tatar   people which have no modern analogs. At   the   Second  Asian   Cultural  Festival   in   2015   the  Russian Federation was represented by a group of Sudanese students who studied the Russian language at the Khartoum State University.
They perform the Russian folk dances and songs “Katyusha” and “Kalyinka” that are well known throughout the world. Moreover, they recited fragments of the great Russian poems in the original language The Russian Embassy in Khartoum is highly pleased to invite he said that its guests to the next Asian Festival, where everybody will find himself  in   the  atmosphere of  national traditions   of  the  oriental countries  and   modern achievements   of   their   peoples.  Russia is very proud of being part of Asia, as well as Europe, and takes an active part in the life of this region – the largest in the world by area   and   by   population,   a   cradle   of ancient   cultures   and civilizations, the fastest growing economics of our planet. Come next year to feel the incredible taste of Asia with us!