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Saturday, 06 January 2018

Sudan’s Still Got Talent: Sudan’s Got Mohammed Al-Awad Abdullah

(Ala’a Babikir) - Dear readers, after being gone for a while, here I am coming back with what might be considered an extraordinary

work (A Phenomenon – that is what I can call it right now). Here I am presenting to you the extra great artist, the painter (Mohammed Al-Awad Abdullah Bakhit), and I hope this little chat would be enough to get to know Mohammed and his great work.
Mohammed Al-Awad is an artist, a painter, who is really good in Portrait, a man who will have a bright future. Several questions have been asked and answered as follows:

Q: What is your full name?
A: Mohammed Al-Awad Abdullah Bakhit.

Q: What is your age?
A: I am twenty one years old.

Q: What is your study?
A: I have graduated from Sudan University for sciences and technology, faculty of Computer sciences, division of Computer systems and networks.

Q: When did you start to draw? 
A: I have started drawing since grade two, when I was six years old.

Q: who really encourages you to draw? 
A: My family, my study mates, and my friends who also draw.

Q: What are the difficulties you have faced in your life regarding drawing? 
That would be I can't easily find proper tools, also there are no great offers of sponsorships for drawing, and there are no fixed drawing training centers. You see, we as Sudanese have this nature of criticism, we criticize pretty much everything around us, and we do underestimate drawing and hobbies like it, knowing that the economics of other countries depend in a great percentage on activities like drawing.
In this point, I couldn’t agree more with Mohammed, why do we focus on specific specialties like Medicine, Engineering, etc, just to feel that we are successful?!!, why can't we be very successful, leaders, and on top if we headed towards different aspects like drawing, swimming, horse riding, Olympics, acting, etc.

Q: In your opinion, what are the advantages and the disadvantages of drawing you felt during your career so far? 
A: Well, the advantages first: is to spend time doing something fun, second: it makes your vision even stronger, to be specific drawing makes you see faces and other things deeper than the eye of the normal people, what I mean is that you carefully notice the small details of the face, the dimensions of it more than others. Third: drawing can be a source of an income; a person could actually sell paintings, receive painting orders, and make good money out of that.

Q: What is the type of drawing you do?
A:  I do paintings with colors, and I draw with pencils in a certain type of papers, but I focus more on drawing faces what is called (Portraits) because I see myself more in it, and I do it the best.

Q: could you summarize the complications of life, its problems and solutions in one piece of painting? 
A: Actually I don't have an answer for this question!

Dear readers, this question is not about testing the ability of any artist, No, to me it's some kind of an existing question, can anyone just draw a summary of how the complications in our life occur, how the problems are created, and how the solutions are found in one piece of painting?!  Thinks about it and make you own painting.

Q: How much time does it take you to complete a single painting? 
A: Time depends on the type of the paper draw itself, you see, papers draw takes from one, two, three, up to six hours. Sometime from one day to six days, it depends on how much deep the picture is and how much details it has inside it. But time of finishing paintings depends on the drying of the colors; it's different from one type of color to the other. Some colors dry after a whole day, so I'm going to have to wait for a day then apply the other color, and so on for the third color, and then wait for them all to dry, then the entire painting would be finished. But as general it takes me from three to four days to finish paintings with colors.
Q: Who is your ideal painter, local or international? 

A: My ideal painter of course is that famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci, so my friends and many people call me and know me as "Davinci" or "Little Davinci". Even in social media I had my fame on that name.
To know Mohammed Al-Awad more, and to see the rest of his great paintings, please check out his facebook page (), also you can follow him on Instagram .

Q: What is your advice to every person who has a hobby and would like to develop it? 
A: As long as someone has the desire to do and learn something, even if he doesn't have the possibilities, even if he doesn't know how to hold a pencil to draw, he can learn, go to training centers or go to the internet and learn by himself. The desire always must be on fire, that is the important thing.

Q: What is your dream regarding painting? 
A: My dream is to have my own galleries, to have a (Name) in the middle of the art center, to travel to Italy the country of great painters and see the galleries there, to develop my hobby even more and share it with other artists.

Q: Four red roses, for whom? 
A: My father, my mother, my brother and for my sister.

Q: Last word? 
A: There's not a certain thing, but thanks for this nice interview, and I hope that anyone who has a hobby could carry on doing it, don't listen to the negativities of others, do your great work and people's opinion will change and then they will be convinced that you are a successful person.
At last, thank you very much Mohammed Al-Awad for sharing these lovely art pieces of your work with us, people will love them, and you have a great future.