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The Independence Anniversary Mirrors National Unity and Popular Cohesion

The December 12, 1955, has become a remarkable and memorable day in Sudan's history as it marked the end of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan

. The significance of December 12, 1955, lies in our forefathers' determination, dedication, and sacrifices to shape an independent, sovereign and united Sudan, whose dedications were crowned with proclaiming Sudan's independence.
The  credit of our independence  goes to our historic and national freedom fighters -- to name but few -- Abdul-Rahman Dabaka, Merghani Hussein Zaki-Addin, Mashawir Jumaa Sahl and Hamad Abu-Sidr, etc..
On December 19, 1955, the Sudanese parliament, under Azhari's leadership, unanimously adopted a declaration of independence that became effective on January 1, 1956. Azhari called for the withdrawal of foreign troops and requested the condominium powers to sponsor a plebiscite in advance.