Current Date:

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Government: Trump’s Wining Defeat for US Media and Opinion Poling Center

Khartoum- Government Spokesperson, the Minister of Information Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman has announced that Trump Victory is a defeat for the American media and the opinion polling centers who have predicted the wining of Clinton
He said the winning of Trump and Britain’s exit of the European Union is an evidence of a big change in the western popular mood stressing that American policy towards Sudan is unchanging and permanent
He said in his weekly briefing to the media organs that the new economic policies set up by the government represented in lifting the subsidy from fuels is not a random surprise measures but they were agreed on since the year 2013.   The talk of these measures as aborting the national dialogue is  baseless talk  as these policies are a solution for economic problems like the bitter medicine that must be taken noting that the government has taken many precautionary measures for preventing occurrence of riots  and those who were arrested will be set free soon.