Current Date:

Monday, 26 February 2018

Government: No One can Detract Dialogue Outcomes

Khartoum (smc) - The government has downplayed an announcement by the forces of the National Alliance consensus to the effect of forming a broad front to bring down the government. He, indicated that the opposition formed many fronts and  staged many calls leading to nothing saying that skeptcism on the dialogue outcomes is contrary to the consensus reached  in Sudan,.
Ahmed Bilal Osman the offical spokesperson of the government said nobody can undermine the outcomes of the national dialogue which was testified by all as they were conluded by agreement of all political forces and particpant movements in the dialogue with recommendation exceeding 900 recommendations. He noted that the national consensus forces have prviously questioned the dialogue itself and they are now skeptical in the outcomes and this is the mode of the opposition.
He noted that all the parties have participated in the dialogue and its outcomes  with transparency outlining that the national congress party partciapted in this dialogue like other parties and it even presented many concession for preseving the national consensus ,.
Bilal called on the national consensus Forces to look into what is taking place in the region and to spare the country the eveils of war that serves the enemses of Sudan