Current Date:

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Demands to the US Banks to Deal with Sudan

Secretary of the Secretariat of International Agreements of the Sudanese Employers Union

, Widad Yaqoub affirmed the importance of the visit of the delegation of the Council of the American Companies operating in Africa, pointing out to Sudan’s huge potential.
In a meeting between the said delegation and the Sudanese Employers Union here yesterday, Widad called the American companies to make efforts to resume American banking dealing with Sudan, expecting the flow of capital after the visit, adding that this matter requires efforts and time, considering the visit as starting of trade openness of the American companies towards Sudan.
Spokesman of the employers union, Dr. Amin Abbas said that the union has a major role in dealing with Africa and is working on providing services and consultations to American companies that searching for investment opportunities in the continent, indicating to the agreements between the Sudanese private sector and the American companies.
Deputy of the Sudanese Ambassador to Washington, Al-Walid Sayed Mohamed Ali expected the flow of banking transfers from and to Sudan, announcing, in press statements following the meeting, the delegation’s commitment to help the country on removing its name from the list of states sponsoring terrorism, describing the delegation as the largest economic one to visit the country after lifting the sanctions, indicating that the main aim of the visit is to know Sudan’s investment resources and to enter in direct partnerships and agreements with the public and private sectors, affirming that the delegation includes more than 20 American companies, top of which Boeing and Shell, that operating in eight sectors including oil, energy, infrastructure and technology, revealing the formation of a committee at the Sudanese embassy in Washington to follow-up the outcomes of the visit.