Current Date:

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Sudanese-British Investment in London New Opportunities to Invest in Sudan

Sudanese- British investment forum held in London on 13th December 2017 with a participation of high level governmental officials represented in the ministry of foreign

Affairs, and economic sector ministers of Finance and national  economy, oil and gas, agriculture, investment .It considered one the successful economic forums held abroad. It was organized by Sudan Embassy in London.
The forum was attended by top British officials. US is participated in the forum, a high government official represented the ministry of Foreign Affairs took part highlighted the lifting of US sanctions on 6th October 2017 as a day in the Sudanese history ending twenty years of embargo and economic sanctions affected greatly on the Sudanese economy and life in general.
This forum is considered a huge joint event concerns Sudan and held in the west, it is the first forum after lifting of US sanctions. In press statements of Sudan Ambassador in London pointed to that it is a big activity to attract investment to Sudan after lifting of US sanctions, aiming to develop commercial and economic exchange between Sudan and Britain. 
The Sudanese ministries of economic sector, Oil and gas, Finance and national economy, Minerals, Agriculture, Investment and the Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan  briefed the forum investment opportunities in Sudan explaining the multiple resources and great potentials in Sudan. 
Private sector giant companies have  distinctive attendance and participation  represented in Sudapet , Ariab for mining , The Central commercial company ,GIAD , Kenana , Bank of Khartoum , Faisal Islamic bank , in addition to other companies who have strong relation with Britain .
The organizing of this forum in London pushed forward the deep rooted bilateral economic relations and it resulted as the Sudanese-British cooperation in the context of the strategic dialogue between two counties last October.
Economic experts called for more forums in Sudan to attract foreign investments to Sudan, they pointed to the recent visit of the American Trade mission of the American Cooperate Council on Africa  CCA this month which is considered the biggest trade mission to visit Sudan for twenty years .
The visit of the American trade mission to Sudan in the period from3rd- 7th  December 2017 , and the Sudanese-British investment forum will support the coming of western companies from Europe and US as well as Asian companies like Chinese  and Russian companies to invest in vital sectors like mining industry.