Current Date:

Friday, 22 December 2017

Sudan Renews Support for the African Youth Union

Khartoum – Presidential Assistant Eng. Ibrahim Mahmoud confirmed Sudan's unlimited support for African youth, while the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Abdul Karim Musa announced the state’s stand and its readiness to meet all the requirements of the headquarters country and support the African Youth Union.
At the opening session of the Fifth African Youth Union, Mahmoud pointed out that the conference coincided with Sudan's celebration of the 62nd anniversary of the declaration of independence from within the parliament, praising the efforts of the pioneers of independence, pointing out that the current phase in African countries requires solidarity, especially among young people to meet the external challenges, praising the solidarity of African countries with Sudan in the issue of the International Criminal Court, which targeting the sovereignty of Sudan, calling on African youth for solidarity to face the problems of poverty, unemployment, and migration.
For his part, the Minister of Youth and Sports expressed the country's readiness to support the union and meet the requirements of the headquarters and provide political and executive support, while the Chairperson of the African Youth Union called to continue support for African youth, calling on young people to exercise more responsibility, expressing satisfaction with the support provided to them by the member states of the African Union.