Current Date:

Friday, 22 December 2017

Amira Demands Tracking Human Trafficking Perpetrators

Khartoum - African Union Social Affairs Commissioner Amira Al-Fadil has headed the African Union to Brussels the seat of the European Union while the European side was

headed by Ms. Federica Mukherini, the representative of the European Union for external affairs and a meeting was held in the presence of the general manager of the international migration organization and the Chief Executive Officer of the UN High Commission of refugees.
Mukherini thanked the African Union's delegation for attending the meetings concerned with the issues of illegal immigrants
She outlined the step taken by the European Union for speeding up returning these immigrants to their homelands in coordination with the international migration organization
For her part the Commissioner of Social Affairs at the African Union Amira Al-Fadil has elaborated on the steps taken by the African Union on the allegation of practicing slavery amidst the immigrants by issuing a statement strongly denouncing practicing slavery and the commissioner of social affairs was assigned as a personal envoy to meet the Libyan authorities to convey the African Union view point on this issue .