Current Date:

Friday, 22 December 2017

Technical Committee for State Award to Sudanese Scientists Meets

Khartoum - (SUNA) The technical committee for preparations to the State's Award for Sudanese Scientists Abroad held, Tuesday, its first meeting at the Secretariat for

Sudanese Working Abroad Affairs.
The meeting discussed the initial perception of the standards related to the participation in the award, the promotion for the award, the fields of participation and its duration.
A committee was formed during the meeting operation committee for the preparation of the initial draft of the award's literature with coordination with authority's knowledge transfer administration, to be submitted to the higher committee for consideration.
The secretary general of the Authority for the Sudanese Working Abroad Affairs, ambassador Karar al-Tuhami has issued an administrative decision for the formation of the technical committee for the preparation for the state's award for the Sudanese scientist abroad in accordance with the specific conditions and evaluation of the works submitted for competition, the application of criteria on the participating works, its classification and identifying the areas covered by the award.