Current Date:

Friday, 22 December 2017

Presidency Affirms Support to Shiekan Insurance Company

Khartoum – ( Mona Mustafa) Chairman of the Directors of Shiekan Insurance and Reinsurance Company Limited, 1st Lt. Gen. Yahya Mohammed Khair affirmed the support of

the Presidency and the Ministry of Defence due to its distinguished insurance services.
He said, while addressing the 18th Meeting of Shiekan Insurance & Reinsurance Co Ltd body of insurance, takaful, medical and agricultural insurance, that this support makes the staff of the company work in a professional manner in servicing the clients, pointing out that the final accounts of 2016 and the annual report were endorsed by the Board of Directors.
He said that they will benefit from the media outlets in upgrading the insurance awareness in the states, adding their intension to open new branches in the Northern, East Darfur States to cover the social and agricultural insurance.
For his part, Shiekan Insurance and Reinsurance Co Ltd Director General that the company will allocate an annual fund to establish productive projects for its staff in the states for their benefit, adding that the company has kept its rank on top a matter that enabled it getting Arab, African and international awards in regard to providing services to the clients, affirming their exerting more efforts through their teamwork system.